Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships are offered by some departments on a competitive basis. Assistantships are offered as half-time (working 10 hours per week) or as full-time (working 20 hours per week) and are paid a monthly salary. The Graduate Assistantship FAQ provides detailed information regarding Graduate Assistantships at UNI and can be found at The Graduate Assistantship Application must be completed and online and submitted prior to February 1. For more information, email

Graduate Tuition Scholarship

Graduate College Tuition Scholarships are offered by some departments on a competitive basis and are awarded as a half scholarship or a full scholarship (at the in-state tuition rate). This scholarship does not cover mandatory fees. Graduate students applying for a Graduate Tuition Scholarship must submit the application before February 1st. (some departments have later submission dates so contact your academic department for an exact due date).




There are many job opportunities on the UNI campus for students with student (F) visas or exchange visitors (J) visas to work. The pay is usually in the range of $7.25 - $9.25 per hour. F and J visa holders are not authorized to work off-campus as a means of support except under extraordinary circumstances. An online job board can be viewed at