At Home Away From Home ep. 3

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post about my life during the quarantine. 

Finals are coming up and obviously things are looking different this year. We don’t have access to our usual locations, the campus, the library, the department buildings, our favorite spots where we usually study... Being home all day can impact our mood. Even without finals week, it can be tough focusing and concentrating on our assignments and projects when we don’t leave our home and don’t have anywhere to go. But, especially finals can be extra demanding.

It’s important to continue doing the little things that make us happy and find the motivation to finish this semester successfully.

Living in Iowa means that winters can be cold and long.  I couldn’t wait for the weather to get warmer and be able to go out without freezing. Unfortunately, all of that has changed now. Even though the temperatures are warmer, and Spring is here, I’m not able to do what I was looking forward to and everything I had planned. However, it is important to make the most out of the possibilities we have.

I go out on walks every day, both alone and with my dog. I think that Cedar Falls can be explored while being able to maintain social distancing. I personally stick to my neighborhood because a) I love my cozy neighborhood and b) because I’m very busy, so I don’t like to waste time going somewhere further. But, if you have more time than I do on your hands, definitely try to explore nature. Fresh air is so important.

I focus on cooking lighter and more refreshing meals. I eat a lot of salads, but maybe that’s just me because I love vegetables. I eat a lot of fresh fruit; I love making smoothies and juices. In general, I like eating more springy and summery foods. But I love snacking too and with being home all day, that’s pretty much what I do all day long.

Now, I love giving advice to other people but don’t always stick to them myself. For example, I believe that in moments like these, meditation is very important. But, I haven’t really gotten myself to meditate. People also talk about journaling and writing down what you are grateful for, to remind you that even though times are hard, not everything is negative. Journaling doesn’t work for me. However, just because it doesn’t work for me, it does not mean you shouldn’t give it a try.

I’m a big believer in doing what feels right for you. Following someone else’s advice blindly might not be the right thing to do. It’s important figuring out what works for us. You have to do what makes you happy. Maybe none of the things I mentioned are something you are interested in. That’s fine. You just have to figure out what will keep you motivated during these times, and what will give you the strength to focus on your studies and give one last push for the finals week.


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