Cheick Baly

What do you like the most about UNI?

UNI has the ideal environment for students. It is a good place to emerge yourself in your studies to become who you want to be. UNI is not a big university of 45,000+  students nor a small one. It size is perfect for someone who does not want to be just a number among others.

What have you done to help make UNI your home away from home?

Socializing with the people you see everyday on campus has definitely contributed to make myself feel like home here. I was very amazed to see how people are nice here. I am the type of student who likes to connect with people. Sometimes I would pass by a professor’s office just to say hi, but will end up having a priceless conversation about life.

Tell us about any great classes or professors that have helped, inspired or challenged you with determining your career path.

It was a professor I met my second year. He was a model in his field, a great human being. He would see you in the hallway and would take his time to chat with you. He really cared about people. I took my first Information technology class with him. From there, I knew that’s what i was going to do.


Postsecondary Education: Student Affairs


Bamako, Mali