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Financial Investment


Shanghai, China



How has your academic experience been?

I felt under pressure because I need to conquer the language barrier at the beginning. However, it will not be a big problem because the professors here are very learned and nice. They will ask us if we can totally understand, if not, they will explain again and we can raise our hand to ask questions any time. Every professor has office hours, so that we can go to their office to ask questions. There is an Academic Learning Center in our university which is the treasure in students’ life. There are professional student tutors to help students for free, so that we can learn Mathematics, English, Biology and so on. The most welcome department is the writing center, there are great tutors to revise students’ essays. I always go there after I finish my essay.

How did you determine your major… i.e. did you take a class, consult with UNI programs, inspired by someone or something?

As we all know, UNI is famous for Business. It is my great honor to be a student in the College of Business. I choose finance because I have passion with calculation and I am interested in Investment. UNI is a very good place for me to learn knowledge and lay a solid foundation for my future. The Advisors in the College of Business are very good. Katie, Linda and Angela are always taking care of international students. Students can always walk by and talk to them. They will always share the best information with us. 

I cannot deny that study abroad is hard, but there are always people who want to help us. We can learn knowledge, make friends and join a lot of organizations. The life in UNI will be the best experience that I ever have.