Danusha Manohar

What kind of activities did you participate at UNI?

I was very involved on campus and have participated in many activities across campus, some that are specially hosted for ambassadors on campus. The organizations that I was a part of International Student Promoters (ISP), International Student Association (ISA), Global Panther Success (GPS), The Actuarial Science Club, The Mathematics Club, Rock Climbing Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon, American Mathematics Society and the American Cancer Society at UNI.

How did your time at UNI shape your future plans and opportunities?

UNI helped me form a different set of leadership and communication skills. Taking an integral role within a society or committee at university isn’t just a great way to explore your passions and find new groups of friends, but it’s also a great way to learn invaluable organization skills and UNI had given me this. From being a member, to becoming the Team Manager and Co-advisor of different organizations on campus has helped me hone my leadership skills. This allows me to work in an environment that requires immense team management and multi tasking skills, such as in the data analysis field. By working at a coffee shop on campus, I gained a key understanding of how to deal with people through my experience of dealing with customers.

What do you think sets UNI apart from other schools?

The professors! They are extremely helpful and are willing to go to any extent to help you out here at UNI. People in UNI are super friendly and do not show the difference between international and domestic students. They are always open to learning more about different cultures.

What is your best memory of your time at UNI (social or academic)?

Some of my best memories here at UNI includes The Traditions Challenge and Parade during Homecoming and most importantly walking across the stage to attain my Post Graduate Degree, which seemed nearly impossible at one time.


PSM Industrial Mathematics; BA Actuarial Science


Kuala Lumpur