Jiawei & Chenjie

Jiawei & Chenjie

What is the one thing you would tell a new or prospective international student about attending a college in the United States?

Don’t be afraid to talk to your professors and classmates. We found students and faculties on campus are very friendly and helpful. It’s also a good opportunity for you to grow up and become more independent.

Tell us about any great classes or professors that have helped, inspired or challenged you with determining your career path.

The auditing class we took is actually the course that changed our mind. At first we thought accounting is just calculating and arranging numbers. However, professor Joel Pike is the one who told us that accounting is a more logical major in his auditing class. He gave us a brand new cognition of accounting.

Did you find the classes you took at UNI to be helpful while running you Bubble Tea business at Cedar Falls?

Yes, the business courses we took at UNI have been helpful to us in analyzing the financial data and documents, and better understand the market changes. Because we had great experience of our education of accounting major, we are familiar with interpreting amounts of data from related financial statements such as balance sheet. The data we collect help us to make critical decisions in terms of merchandising, budgeting and forecasting.

What is the most challenging part in running a business? How are you both working on to tackle the challenge?

Actually, the market we stay in has lots of ambiguous and unexpected problems because bubble tea shop we have opened is the first one in Cedar Falls. The education and critical thinking that we gained at the university helps us to think different when we encounter these real world problems. Also, networking is crucial to us when we just get started. So we explore, and interact with different people that we have never met before.



Shanghai, China