Pyone Lei

Pyone Lei

Why did you decide to attend college in the United States? And why did you choose UNI?

I chose the States for the higher education opportunities because the degree that I will acquire after four years will be recognized in many places of the world and will lead me to better career options. I chose UNI for its welcoming environment, which I got to explore months before I arrived to the campus through a student ambassador and dedicated members of the Office of Admissions, the numerous opportunities that are spread throughout the campus for every student, highly accredited program for my subject of interest, and being one of the safest campuses in the nation.

What have you done to help make UNI your home away from home?

While I was living at one of the residence halls on campus during my freshman year, my meal plan was worth every penny. There were variety of food options, including white rice, which is my staple food, which was provided for majority of the meals. There are numerous events organized by international students, where I get the chance of exchanging the knowledge with students from other parts of the world, which gives me a sense of belonging in this community.

What is the one thing you would tell a new or prospective international student about attending a college in the United States?

Do not be afraid of saying ‘yes’. I wish people would have encouraged me to say ‘yes’ instead of teaching me to say ‘no’. Being in college is not only about the degree that you will get in four year; this is a place where you can grow as a person. You have traveled from different country or continent and rejecting the new experiences that are handed to you, would be a waste of your energy and time. And make sure that you choose the university where you will not be a number but a name. Choose the school that cherish having you as their student.

Tell us about any great classes or professors that have helped, inspired or challenged you with determining your career path.

Chemistry was my sore spot in high school and I decided to not take any Chemistry classes in my first semester, which turned out to be the right decision since I got to learn from one of the most dedicated and resourceful professors on campus, in the following semester, who was willing to learn my language to compliment me on quizzes and tests, and literally became my mentor for my pre-med journey. In the same semester, I got to take a class in music, which was my first music class in my entire life. Not only was I grateful for all the materials that I learned, she gave me the strength to soldier through that semester for I was going through rough patch. She gave me the warmest hug when I needed the most but didn’t have courage to ask for.


Biology and Mathematics


Yangon, Myanmar